Surrey Quays SE16

Many of our clients will appreciate that land assembly projects are compicated and time consuming at the best of times, but imagine one that involves 30 industrial units in eleven different ownerships.

Only the very brave or very foolish would take on such a project, so we did! (We'll let you decided whether we're brave or foolish).

The acquisition of the Mulberry Business Centre in Surrey Quays on behalf of a private client was handled personally by Jeff East. Many months of complicated negotiations eventually led to an agreement with all eleven freeholders, at which point our attention turned to the tenants!

Agreeing terms with eleven owners was straightforward in comparision to securing a mechanism to deliver vacant possession of each unit with the various tenants!

Many more months of frustrating negotiations eventually proved worthwhile, with every unit and the respective tenancies now under the complete control of our client.

We are proud to confirm that this is the largest project we've handled to date, both in terms of the purchase price, and number of units:- our client has recently submitted a planning application for 433 units!

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Posted By Acorn Commercial on 30th May, 2004

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